Style Spotlight: Rough and Raw Stone Jewelry

Rough or raw cut stones have been having a moment for quite some time now, but it’s time to drive home why they are so beautiful.  Here are 4 jewelry designers that always perfectly highlight the beauty of an imperfectly cut gemstone and a feature of a one of a kind No Kitchen Sink piece currently available in the shop.


1: Variance Objects

Variance Objects jewelry most often features stones that are roughly faceted, but are swoon-worthy all the same.  Their bands are made using a mixture of metals and each ring is 100% one of a kind and unique.

Variance Objects

Photos via Variance Objects – Click to Shop

Pictured above are their Australian Opal and Three-Stone Lapis rings.

2: Emilie Shapiro

Emilie Shapiro has a one of a kind style that not only highlights the beauty of a rough stone, but also the shapes and forms that metal can take on around it. Best of all, many of her metals come from recycled sources! You go Glen CoCo.

Emilie Shapiro

Photo via Emilie Shapiro – Click to Shop




Photo via Emilie Shapiro – Click to Shop

Pictured above are the Diamond Cobblestone Wedding Band and the Immersion Bridge Cuff.

3: Hawkhouse

I am personally friends with Jessica of Hawkhouse and she is extremely talented, and SO sweet. She puts her heart and soul into her work and it shows through her chosen medium – electroforming.  She has perfected her craft and one look is going to make you want one of EVERYTHING.



Photos via Hawkhouse – Click to Shop


Photo via Hawkhouse – Click to Shop

Pictured above are the Raw Australian Opal, Raw Herkimer Diamond, and Raw Tourmaline rings.

4: byAngeline

byAngeline hand carves all of her jewelry in wax to be cast in various metals and the results are beautiful.  She does an amazing job highlighting each rough stone and she has many options available that are perfect for the alternative bridal fan including options using recycled metals, and conflict free diamonds!

by Angeline

Photo via byAngeline – Click to Shop

Pictured above are the Raw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring and Raw Pink, Gray, and White Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Band.

Special Feature: No Kitchen Sink


Pictured above is the 14K recycled gold herkimer diamond ring.  Perfect for an alternative engagement ring, wedding band, or sparkly daily wear.

If you haven’t already, you need to head on out, support a maker, and snag one of these gems. They are the type of jewelry that will put that perfect finishing touch on your morning and ensemble.

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