Sinks For Modern Kitchens

You might say that the typical modern-style sink has a couple of stand-out features including a slim faucet and a deep rectangular sink. With today’s modern look, you can expect that many new variants are changing this concept with new and exciting looks that also add style to your kitchen sink design. Here are some of the hottest tips for choosing a modern-style sink for your kitchen.

Best Sinks For Modern Style Kitchens

Sink in Modern Style Kitchen

One of the first things you’ll need to address with a modern sink style is the overall trait features that go with this type of design. After that, it’s a matter of style and design that contribute to your decision so a sink will fit best within your modern kitchen.

Metal Finish Sinks

Typically what you’ll see are metal sinks that are usually deep and made of shiny metal but this has been changing in favor of metal finishes which give more visual appeal. Everything from hammered metal, copper, and brass finishes, antique weathering, and brushed aluminum are all in high fashion these days. You can’t go wrong with nearly any kind of metal surface as long as it makes a striking appearance in your kitchen.

Farmhouse Sinks

An unlikely choice for modern design, this style of kitchen sink often comes with the iconic apron which is very traditional. Pairing this with modern designs using bare metal that can be textured or shiny, completes a great modern style with a nod to the past. Even if you’re attracted to enamel surfaces or using stone, a farmhouse sink doesn’t always need to appear old-fashioned to make a splash in your kitchen.

Corner Sinks

Not every kitchen is going to have vast amounts of open space, nor does your sink need to be located in a central spot. Corner sinks are great when you decide to put your sink off to the side so you have more counter space. These smaller versions are often pretty deep so they offset the amount of space you would normally take up with other modern sinks. When you have space limitations, a corner sink helps ergonomically solve this problem.

Stone Sinks

Natural stone finishes are indeed a pleasure to look at but do need more care so they don’t become stained so easily. Stone is always an elegant addition to any kitchen so modern stone sink designs won’t feel out of place if you want to include a luxurious surface like this. Many of the modern sink features are leaning toward built-in sink counters made from stone that provide a professional and sleek appearance.

Shallow Vs Deep Sinks

It was very common that most modern sinks would include a wide and deep basin, although this is rapidly changing. Shallow basins are getting more attention since they are convenient and stylish. When it comes to food preparation, this type of sink is certainly more aesthetic for readying food that is washed and prepared in these convenient shallow sinks. Essentially, you don’t really need a deep sink to wash off veggies or other food items.

Faucet Design

Slim faucets are always the trademark image you see adorning modern kitchen sinks, however, that isn’t always the case here. Shallow sinks work best when there are pull-down faucets so you can clean items without so much splashback. Another modern touch is adding a waterfall slot that allows water to stream out horizontally instead of coming from a spout.

No matter what kind of faucet you install, sleek shiny metal in a variety of colors is always in fashion. Always be sure to find a faucet that has a minimalist function mixed with high fashion to give any faucet an elegant style.

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