Best Sinks for Contemporary Kitchens

When choosing a décor style, it can be confusing if not downright annoying to learn which sinks are best for each style. When it comes to contemporary, the rules are often hard to bend, so it can feel limiting when selecting the right sink. Luckily there are many more choices than most experts don’t tell you about, and this is why this brief guide will tell you what contemporary sinks styles work best.

Why Is Contemporary A Difficult Style To Match Kitchen Sink Styles?

Sink in contemporary kitchen

Many people might confuse contemporary kitchen design with modern or ultra-modern design. There are strict guidelines between these two styles that separate them easily enough, yet there are similarities that do exist. Contemporary allows a kitchen to retain a sleek and polished look but isn’t as minimal as modern likes to dictate. Since modern can be seen as cold and commanding, a contemporary kitchen is warmer for overall function.

The keyword here is the function that allows the contemporary style to overcome the modern décor of rigid lines that never break. Warmer colors are more acceptable since natural beauty includes items such as flowers and plenty of light. Almost as if the rules of a modern kitchen could allow a human touch rather than the strict Bauhaus style of the early 1920s and 30s. Because of these differences, choosing a functional sink is more open to discussion.

Sinks That Work Best With A Contemporary Kitchen

Best sink for contemporary kitchen

Here are some excellent examples of sinks that work within a contemporary kitchen and provide plenty of functions based on your needs. Since each style can be selected based on the type of décor that is added to a contemporary kitchen, the choices will come down to countertop design, color, and available features. Here are the top examples that fit best that will be more fitting to the contemporary style.

Drop-in sinks

Not all sinks are considered a drop in models and are the type of sink that has a rim around the edge that essentially drops into a precut hole in the countertop. The sink is then secured using special plates that clamp underneath the drop-in section and the outer edge of the countertop using screws. Nearly any kind of drop-in sink works for contemporary kitchens if the style is fitting.

Commonly, this type of sink is also called a ‘Top Mount’ sink and the two names both describe the same sink based on how it’s installed.

Under-mount sinks

These are sinks that are attached underneath the countertop and will require a special gasket placed in between the gap where the under-mount sink and countertop are butting together. This helps to prevent water leakage, but more importantly, helps create a cleaner line for contemporary kitchen design. Countertops that don’t have a top mount sink usually look cleaner since there is no rim along the sink edge whatsoever.

Some people do not like this stark comparison since it might look too modern for their kitchen. Then again, it all depends on the choice of finishes and materials the sink is made from.

Apron sinks

These sinks are also called Farmhouse Sinks but aren’t exclusive sink that’s used for farmhouse kitchens. There are several styles of apron sinks that will be appealing since they all have appeal when it comes to contemporary kitchen décor. The best choices are white porcelain and polished stainless steel, but not limited to composite materials including fireclay, cast iron, and copper.

Dual sinks

A dual sink is separated into two separate tubs and might be more appealing for soaking or chilling specific food items. For those who are gourmet-centered, a dual sink is perfect for separate sink tasks of all kinds

Workstation sinks

The advantage of workstation sinks is to add more functions for tasks that are specific to food preparation rather than just cleaning dishes. Separate shelves and racks within the sink make it simple to separate select items rather than lose them in a single spot. Many of these workstation sinks come with a built-in cutting board for prepping veggies, meat, fish, and other items that need to be close to the water for rinsing.

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