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Best Sinks for a Transitional Kitchen

It’s no surprise that a transitional kitchen combines the best of traditional and contemporary styles. Since this style embraces such a bright and relaxed setting but still maintains a sleek and streamlined appearance, choosing a kitchen sink might sound confusing. Here are the styles that are the most popular for transitional kitchens.

Undermount sink

Undermount sink for Transition Kitchen

An under-mount sink is installed underneath the sink and there is no visible rim which keeps the sleek appearance for the countertop. These sinks are fitting for any transitional kitchen since they still have just enough of the modern traditional look but can still translate the contemporary feel.

Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sink for Transition Kitchen

Some designers are also calling this a skirt or apron sink since the outer edge of the sink wraps underneath the outer edge of a countertop giving an apron-like look that gives a great old-fashioned look. Because it fits into the theme of transitional kitchens so easily, this is always a perfect choice no matter how your kitchen embraces contemporary aspects.

Split sink

Split sink for Transition Kitchen

Not just a style but meant more for function, a split sink is great for separating ingredients that need to be cleaned and prepared in your kitchen. Split sinks come in a variety of configurations that will all feature larger or smaller sink chambers that sit side by side. One side can be used for rinsing while the opposite side can be for soaking.

Rim mount

Rim mount sink for Transition Kitchen

Whenever the edge of a sink is seen above the countertop, this is how a rim mount sink is supported. It’s also called a drop-in sink and has attachments underneath that aren’t seen. Unlike an undermount sink, rim mount sinks have a traditional appearance that’s making them perfect for the transitional kitchen.

Tile edge

Tile edge sink for Transition Kitchen

One of the most common sights in any transitional kitchen is the addition of tiles that are laid in a geometric pattern. Tile edge sinks are a bit different than the typical rim mount since they don’t have an overlapping rim that circles the sink. This variant is designed so the edge of a countertop is the same level as the countertop itself but isn’t completely flat. It will have a small lip that is conservative by appearance.

Workstation sink

Workstation sink for Transition Kitchen

For those who like multitasking in the kitchen, a workstation sink is designed to provide a variety of built-in tasks. It can also support a cutting board and built-in shelves. Depending on the type of workstation sink, it can offer a single or double sink configuration. Workstation sinks are more effective for those who like to work over a sink to prepare foods that need to be close to running or standing water.

Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink for Transition Kitchen

One of the most accepted materials in the transitional kitchen is obviously stainless steel. It will complement the range of sleek surfaces that are seen in contemporary kitchens but have all the charm of traditional kitchen designs. It’s also easy to clean rather than porcelain and is better for reducing the issue of germs or bacteria.

Porcelain sink

Porcelain sink for Transition Kitchen

With so many marble or stone countertops in a transitional kitchen, the use of porcelain is going to be more commonly seen with apron sinks. Porcelain sinks are going to be more work to keep clean but are a great traditional look that still fits nicely within transitional décor. Nearly all of the porcelain sink colors will be white, which fits in with the color scheme that’s found in many tradtitional kitchens which is why it’s an accepted color in transitional kitchens overall.

Shallow basin sink

Shallow basin sink for Transition Kitchen

You might consider a shallow basin sink that is certainly modern looking but isn’t going to look out of place in the transitional kitchen a single bit. Some basin designs will further be angled so water or liquids always drain into the drain. Another variant is a deep basin on one side with a shallow work area off to the opposite side.

Deep basin sink

Deep basin sink for Transition Kitchen

If you have a kitchen that needs to have deeper basins than usual, this won’t be out of the question if you have large pots that need cleaning. It’s more of a design choice than anything else and still fits into the transitional theme. These sinks are perfect for cooling off deep pots that need to be immersed in cool water to stop the boiling process likewise.

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