How to: Watercolor Pumpkin Pouches


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These little DIY watercolor pumpkins were inspired by Mz. Martha Stewart herself.  She’s got crepe paper pumpkins, but we’re gonna take it one step further.  These are stuffed with candy and make for perfect party place settings.  Plus they’re easy as hell to make with VERY little clean up.  Wins all around!


Materials used:

Commercial sized coffee filters
Watercolor paint
Travel size bottles, 1 to spray and 1 to “drip”
Floral tape
Gold wire
Shit ton of candy


Start by filling the spray bottle halfway with water, and the “drip” bottle about a quarter of the way.  Put a little more paint into your drip bottle than your spray bottle, you want to make sure there is a more concentrated color.  Shake shake shake to mix


Lay out your newspaper, take a coffee filter, and spray sporadically using the diluted paint mixture


Next, use the drip bottle and gently swirl the concentrated paint mixture in a few places around the filter. Set aside to dry


While the filters are drying, take another filter and fill it up with your candy


Make sure you can still gather the edges of the filter and make a little twist at the top


After the filter has dried, place your candy packet into the center, and pull up the painted filter around it


Cut a piece of wire and twist at the top to cinch it shut.  Use the floral tape to cover the twist and create the stem of the pumpkin


Last, twist the gold wires to finish





Guests can tear open their pumpkin to let the goods spill out. And if you’re feeling extra host-of-the-yearish, hide a special candy or toy in one to win a prize, like a plastic spider ring or a gumball eyeball.  You go girl, get cray!

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