How To: Quick and Easy Friendsgiving Party Favors

Hosting a smaller more intimate Friendsgiving definitely has it’s upsides, and one of them is being able to go all out on some amazeballs decor.

How sweet would it be to give your guests a party favor to take them into the holiday season? Mini personalized evergreen trees are the gift that keeps on growing- just make sure they know to re-pot the little guys when they get the chance and they’ll be good to go, er, grow!

You can find the tiny trees at Home Depot, and the cranberry garland is so super simple to make.  If plain ‘ol names are too blah for you, funny nicknames for everyone would be a hilarious twist. Plus, it’s a fun blast to the past to make hand strung garland, we should bring that back…I’ll need 60 bags of popcorn this year for sure.

Materials used:

Embroidery needle
Small paintbrush
White acrylic paint
Heavy duty black thread

Start by picking out a cranberry for each letter of your guests name + two more for embellishments, if you’d like to add them.

Pick a font that you like (I used Le Chic found on You Work For Them), and eyeball it onto there.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy font.  It doesn’t even have to be painted! Stickers would work well too.

Ready ta thready.

Thread your first cranberry and tie a knot.

Keep on threadin’ until it comfortably wraps around your little tree, and err on the side of a little too long.

Wrap it around your tree and spin the letters to face forward. Done! Easy peasy.

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