Why Install a Farmhouse Sink

Just hearing the words Farmhouse Kitchen Sink sounds immediately of a particular style that’s meant for a country-style kitchen design. You might want to think otherwise since this style lends itself to many other styles that you may not have considered before. Learn how the Farmhouse Sink can be an excellent addition to your kitchen for all the right reasons.

Where Does The Farmhouse Sink Style Originate From?

woman bathing her small baby

It’s the name that tricks most people into an image of rustic farmhouse designs or perhaps some old-fashioned farm-themed kitchen that often kills the thought right away. Most people would never expect that upscale British and Irish families were huge fans of this modernized sink that featured a variety of uses. Only those who were wealthy enough to have running water installed could enjoy this sink in the late 18th century.

The iconic apron that sits much lower over the edge combined with a deep trough appearance was not developed for washing-up loads of greasy bacon and grits dishes, but more for the convenience of bathing a small baby. Farmhouse sinks also feature an iconic white porcelain color that was truly hygienic for its time. It was also the very first to include a built-in Weir overflow drain which prevented overfilling.

In the city of Belfast, these sinks were called Belfast Butler Sinks and were ideal for wealthy families who had a Butler. As you can already imagine, these sinks were used to wash and prepare food in addition to washing up dishes by a family Butler. These sinks became so popular across Europe that upscale French country kitchens began to use this style of sink.

What Type Of Kitchen Does The Farmhouse Sink Belong To?

Farmhouse kitchen sink

The choice of this style of sink will fit into almost every kind of kitchen because of its elegance and design. It’s hard to imagine this sink will fit into ultra-modern kitchens as well as transitional. Those who have a traditional kitchen will find this sink adds a bit of nostalgia which is why it fits so perfectly in colonial and Victorian kitchen designs too. Even the cutting-edge Scandinavian and French kitchen influences will find this sink choice perfectly suited.

Farmhouse sinks also come in a variety of colors and finishes that aren’t limited to white porcelain. This is another great reason that a farmhouse sink can better match your kitchen design if you like a wider variety and choice of materials.

Stainless Steel

This is a good choice for modern kitchens all the way through transitional and any style that needs to appear reflective and futuristic. Stainless steel needs to be coated and taken care of since it can lose its luster if not properly coated.


Stone is always appealing since it can fit into any kitchen including country or modern. It can work just as fine with modern kitchens provided the type of stone is light-colored. Since stone is a natural material, the color must match the kitchen style to work in favor of the type of kitchen it’s used for. This is why it’s seen so often in rustic or farmhouse kitchens.


If you’re looking for long-lasting ceramic materials, fireclay is much harder than porcelain and is a bit more expensive than ceramic blends. This style works in any type of kitchen theme.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is fine when you want to have a rustic or country theme but to really sell this to other styles you have to have this sink surface polished so it doesn’t look so dull. Unpolished cast iron is good for Scandinavian and rustic styles. In some cases, it could fit into urban-style kitchens if the color scheme is fitting.


Copper is best when polished but is pretty hard to maintain if you don’t like to keep it nice and tidy. It looks good where traditional and county kitchens mix together but will work just fine with transitional kitchens. Not the best for modern kitchens but copper farmhouse sinks are great for French, Mediterranean, and French-style kitchens.


White is often such a great color to represent cleanliness and fits well for all kitchen styles across the board. Porcelain is also nice because the finished glaze is always nice and glossy which is always a plus for modern kitchen design.

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