Style Spotlight: Floral Crowns + Winter Crown Tutorial

It’s super unfair that summer flower crowns get to have all the fun.

Just look at this one.  All pink and beautiful.  In a big ass field just frolicking around.

Image via OneWed

This one went to a wedding! It’s lucky she’s so beautiful cause that crown is giving her a run for her money.

Floral Crowns-3

Image via ModWedding

Just stop.

Floral Crowns

Image via ModWedding

Unless you live in a zone where there are flowers year round, there are so many missed opportunities to wear your very own crown.

So, get your next party lined up, throw on some Christmas music and make a boozy beverage.  You’re makin’ a winterized flower crown.  The great thing about flower crowns is they’re super forgiving, so don’t be scared, here’s how to get started:

You’ll need:

Floral wire
Wire cutters
A few branches of whatever greenery you want – this is Incense Cedar, Juniper, and Winterberry
Stem wire

Start by using the wire cutters to separate your branches into smaller pieces and make a loop around your dome with the stem wire.

Using the wire, take pieces of your greens and wrap the base around your stem wire

Keep going around and adding until it’s full and fluffy

Shape the greens so they don’t get all crazy, and add some berry stems.  Randomly hot glue a few loose berries in there too, they’re tough.


If you’re one of those who thinks you can’t rock a crown, don’t be silly!  You’re a babe, and you can do whatever the fuck you want. ♥

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