How-to: Breaker Box Cover-Up

Sometimes you have a picture perfect room with beautiful walls, perfectly placed vignettes, and beautiful windows that stream new shades of light in throughout the entire day…

And then sometimes you have a big ass breaker box in the middle of your apartment that throws off your groove somethin’ fierce.   If you have plenty of wall space, buy a picture frame, screw hinges into one side, and attach it to your wall right over the box.  But if you have limited space, here’s how you can hide that shit.

Here are the materials:

And the tools:

1×3 Board
8′ Chair rail (it looked most like a frame to me)
4′ x 2′ 1/8″ MDF board
Sheet of glass
Glass cutter and oil
Cute paper

Hand saw
Miter saw
Nail gun

Measure your breaker box and add about 3 inches to the width and height to make sure it sits flat on the wall

Cut wood accordingly

Nail each of the sides together

Remeasure with pieces together and cut glass, paper, and MDF board accordingly. Then, make a glass, paper, and MDF sandwich.

Shimmy the sandwich into the natural spaces that happen between the two boards and nail at the corners.

Patch up the gaps

Spray paint

Add hinges

And hang.  Soo much better, and perfect for your daily to-do lists.

I hope this inspires you to do fun stuff with the useless eye sores in your own house.