Valentine’s Day 2015: Chicago Donut Tour + Free Map and Directions

I hope you’re ready for Valentine’s Day, cauuuse I know we are!

I have prepared an event for Matt and I to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, yes…an event.  It’s going to take strength, courage, and stretchy pants….

This year, we’re going on a DONUT TOUR around Chicago.  It includes 7 different shops from downtown up to North side, and the rules are; no using a cell phone as a map, and no judging when we’re on our 6th donut and still excited to eat more.

For any Chicagoans who do not have plans yet, I have shared the map and directions I made below, you’re welcome…For the future diabetes.

If your bf or gf is mega against Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect compromise, because who can turn down touring donut shops, that will be inevitably peppered with stops at bars along the way?  You can be a Debbie downer and be against Valentine’s Day, OR, you can share some muheffin donuts with whatever loved one you DO have.  You don’t need a fancy graphic, make one for the closest city to you using Google maps and have a blast!  Why spend a day all bitter when it can be super sweet? (See what I did there?)



You can download the overall map here:  >>Donut Map<<

And the directions here:   >>Tour Directions<<

Have fun, and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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    • Moi


      It went so well!! The only hiccup we had was when we got to the Brown line to go to Dinkel’s. There was no train pass maker machine thing…so we couldn’t get on without having one already charged and ready to go! I’m sure it was something super embarrassingly simple, but we said SCREWIT and cabbed it to Dinkel’s.

      When you get to Stan’s Donuts, there is a Glazed & Infused across the street, but do not be fooled. The one I mapped out on Armitage is farrr superior.

      All in all, I was super proud about how spot on my directions were 😀 If you use the map at all I would love to hear how it works out for you :)))


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