Photo by Tulip and Rose Photography
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My name is Sara Tamez, the designer/creator behind No Kitchen Sink, and I have always been amazed by this little blue dot we live on. 
I create uplifting fine jewelry centered on environmental and ethical responsibility.
 Growing up I was heavily influenced by both earth science and art. It was a natural progression for me to obtain my B.S. in Environmental Science and start a creative business committed to doing things differently. Sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly materials is not an easy task, but I wholeheartedly believe it is a necessary one to create a more conscious consumer.
My intent as a designer is to evoke happiness in you!
Most of the time life is wonderful and magical, but sometimes it can be super shitty. I want my jewelry to awaken your inner peace, especially on those days when life proves it can be hard. I hope you can take a look around and find little reminders of those wonderful and magical moments in life.
Whether you are here because you want to help support changing “business as usual”, or just because you think what you see is AMAZIN’, I want you to walk away feeling a little more educated, a lot more empowered, and ready to kick life’s ass.

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